what? how? who? why?
  what we shall do

10 artists draw, paint or print… 10 times the heraldic animal of berlin, the bear - happy, sad, funny, bizarre. the pictures will be glued to A5-sized fold cards, the back of which tells you the motive for the particular event.

all artists then meet at places frequented by many tourists - for example, well-known squares in berlin like the pariser platz, the gendarmenmarkt or the historic nikolai quarter. a poster will explain why and for whom we collect donations.


we are looking to collect a minimum donation of 10 euro per card. each artist sells 10 cards within 2 to 3 hours to the berliners and their visitors.

10 artists x 10 cards x 10 euro = 1000 euro;
with one event per month, we hope to collect 6000 Euro in six months


… a card from karin-irina willberg.
more cards …