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art and aid. a creative way of fund-raising.

in our fast-moving time, events that have shocked us today will be forgotten tomorrow.

we want to use our many forms of artistic expression to draw a t t e n t i o n to projects that may soon become the victim of the daily flood of new images - or that may already have been inundated by them.

by selling our works, we support these projects also financially. the money collected during our events goes directly and in a transparent way to the designated project.


with our current event, we are supporting the heartkids project www.heartkids.de. we want to help funding the construction of the creativity center for children of tiruvannamalai in southern India.

we started our project with presenting the heraldic animal of Berlin, the “Berlin Bear”, in many different ways. while continuing our bear series, we are now expanding the range of our work (images, drawings, comics… - you decide). we are looking forward to see you and to your ideas for the next art aid events.